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Mattresses Sydney

Memory Pillow top mattress has just the right level of firmness for a relaxing, restful sleep. It is just perfect for giving you all the support you need and letting...
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The Basic Collection II mattress has just the right level of firmness for a relaxing, restful sleep. It is just perfect for giving you all the support you need and...
Soothing and relaxing  The Aloe fabric of the Elite Comfort mattress is soothing and relaxing, and its convoluted foam is perfect to give the comfort that you need for a...
In the event that you are anticipating a switch or upgrade your old sleeping mattress, the Euro top quilting latex comfort mattress is an ideal match and arrive in an...
Sleep care Euro top premium mattress comes in 35 cm Height with Natural latex, High density foam, Hard foam and for extra comfort 7 zone pocket spring with 10 years...
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The Euro Comfort Gel comes with 2 cm of gel memory foam. This type of foam allows for better air flow than conventional foam and will adapt perfectly to the...
Treat yourself to the best sleep you could possibly have with the Luxury Comfort mattress. Made with Tencel fabric and high-performance DuPont fiber, you’re sure to enjoy a luxurious sleep...
The 7-Zone Pocket Spring system of the Eco Comfort Zone comforts and shapes to your body areas individually. It supports and distributes your body weight allowing you to relieve pressure...

Get Quality Mattress in Sydney, NSW - Buy Online at an Affordable Price from Imperial Furniture

A good quality mattress can make a huge difference in your sleeping pattern. If you’re looking online for a comfortable mattress in Sydney and across NSW, Imperial Furniture can help you. Our store features mattresses to provide optimal comfort. From basic to premium, they are available in varying levels of softness, sizes, and thicknesses to match distinct client needs.

We understand the impact of the right mattresses on an individual’s health. That’s why all our collections have good quality padding, indicating standard products. As one of the leading mattress stores in Sydney, our shop also contains a variety of bedroom furniture, including frames, beds, bedroom suites, side tables, etc.

What Types of Mattresses Do We Offer?

Do you know pains and aches are common occurrences with an ill-chosen mattress? Such bedding isn’t able to provide enough support for the body. It might also cause a feeling of restlessness in users. When it comes to choosing the right padding material, a plethora of options are available in our shop. Gel foam, latex, wool, memory foam, etc are some of them. Go ahead and explore our extensive mattress collection in Sydney and across NSW.

Here’s all that we have in store for our customers:

  • Memory Foam Mattress: Let your body loosen up with our 1cm high-density memory foam padding. It will offer an accurate level of firmness for a restful sleep. With medium-firmness, the mattress provides a perfect balance of softness and support. This is due to its make which is a combination of soft knitted fabric, a pillow top, and an HD memory foam.
  • Pocket Spring Knitted Fabric Padding: Wake up feeling rested after using our premium Eurotop mattress with 3D fabric. This 25-cm thick foam offers soft to medium firmness, which is all you need for a relaxing sleep.
  • Convoluted Foam: Unlike conventional mattresses, our Elite Comfort Mattress has aloe fabric construction for a soothing effect. Plus, its 3.5cm convoluted foam adapts perfectly to the shape of your body. This means the mattress will adjust itself while you move during sleep.
  • Latex Padding: Our Euro Top Quilting Latex Comfort Matting is perfect for those looking for a luxurious upgrade. Constructed with a variety of high-grade foams, this queen mattress in Sydney can satisfy distinct sleeping habits. The side rows contain 20cm individual pocket springs to offer better support.
  • Latex Pocket Spring Mattress: One of our other premium products is Sleep Care Euro Top Mattress. It comprises a combination of various textiles like Tencel, latex, polyester, cotton, and non-woven fabrics. This 35cm height product offers medium to hard firmness. To sweeten the deal even further, its 7-zone pocket spring comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Gel Memory Foam Padding: With our Euro Comfort Gel Mattress, feel like you’re floating while you sleep. The product is a combination of beautiful Jacquard fabrics and lightweight DuPont fibres to offer extra pleasant sleep. It also features eco-friendly materials. Moreover, the gel foam creates a cooler surface while it disperses the user’s heat.
  • Bamboo Fabric Padding: Now you can buy a mattress Sydney-wide that is eco-friendly due to its bamboo cloth construction. Our Eco Comfort Zone Mattress is highly absorbent and breathable, providing the most comfortable sleeping experience. It’s also resistant to fungi, bacteria, and pests. Plus, its 7-zone pocket spring coils support optimal body weight to relieve pressure naturally.

Find Your Perfect Online Mattress Size: King, Queen, or Double

The material and size of a mattress are just as important for ensuring a good night’s sleep. The ideal measurements depend upon the following factors:

  • Dimensions of the room
  • Number of people sharing the bed
  • Budget
  • Preferred sleep position

Being one of the best mattress shops in Sydney, we have range of mattress sizes available instore and online:

  • Single/Twin: The smallest in the collection, this mattress will ideally suit a single individual. It’s also great for young
  • King Single: It is both longer and wider than the single. The length is almost equivalent to the Queen and King mattresses. This is well-suited for growing teenagers or those who appreciate additional space in bed.
  • Double: This one is narrower than a Queen-size mattress. However, it's the same length as the single mattress.
  • Queen: It’s one of the most beloved sizes of all. Almost all our products are available in the Queen’s dimensions. This is perfect for couples or adults who love extra space.
  • King: It’s essentially equivalent to the width of two twins, but longer. Bedrooms with additional space to spare can fit King-size beds and mattresses.

Why Choose Imperial Furniture for Online Mattresses in Sydney, NSW?

At Imperial Furniture, we have an unparalleled online mattress collection in Sydney and across NSW. We measure each padding against industry standards to verify its firmness level. Apart from that, our hybrid products are tested for durability and breathability. Plus, they are constructed in a way that has a perfect balance of foam layers and pocket coils.

Here’s what sets us apart in the industry:

  • Variety in sizes and materials
  • High-quality at a reasonable price
  • Mattress delivery across Sydney
  • Friendly salesperson
  • Excellent customer service
  • 12-months refund policy
  • Shop now, pay later option

Are you anticipating a switch or upgrade for your old sleeping mattress in Sydney and across NSW? Then, check out our online store and see what calls out to you. Reach out to us on 03 8390 2373 or drop us an email at to get a free quote.


Q: Do you carry mattress sizes other than the standard Twin, Full, Queen, and King?

A: Yes, we offer five different sizes of mattresses, including Twin/Single, King Single/Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, and King.

Q: Can I test the mattresses in-store before making a purchase?

A: Yes, of course. Our store displays all sizes and types of mattresses where you can visit the shop and test them before buying. Come on over at 17 Castro Way, Derrimut VIC 3026 and see which mattress is just right for you.

Q: Can I exchange or return a mattress if it doesn't meet my expectations?

A: If a mattress delivered to you doesn’t match the description or is defective, it can be returned. However, you have to place a request within 7 days of receiving it. On the other hand, we will refund the cost of the merchandise if you’ve ordered correctly but want to return it. Please note, that according to our refund policy, all non-defective items will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Delivery cost will be taken care of by the customer.

Q: Can I get assistance in choosing a mattress for specific health conditions, such as back pain or allergies?

A: Yes, our friendly salesperson at the store will assist you in choosing the right mattress for your specific health issues. You can also call our team on 03 8390 2373 if you need assistance while you shop online.

Q: Can I place a special order for a mattress that is not currently in your inventory?

A: Yes, you can place an order for products that are currently out of stock. However, you have to contact our customer support team for that.

Q: Can I purchase a mattress online and pick it up in-store to save on delivery fees?

A: Yes, you can pick it up from our shop. When you are directed to our website’s checkout page, you’ll see two delivery options - Ship and Pick-up. At that time, you can choose the “pick-up” option. The address for the same is 17 Castro Way, Derrimut VIC 3026.