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This policy statement covers the payment procedures and methods accepted at the imperial furniture store and website. When you are set to purchase, click proceed to check out tab. Please log into your account if you have an existing one if not, you will be prompted to create one. On your payment screen, the total amount payable is well shown. Kindly add your billing address and the payment method you are using.

Payment methods accepted

Our PayPal address is:

Bank Details:

Bank: Bank of Melbourne
Bsb no: 193 879
Account Name: Imperial Furniture
Account No: 423 727 439
On average, payments are deducted from your account in real time during the online purchase, and the processing can take up to 48 hours and upon receipt of the full amount the product is sent to you in the following business day.

Is my payment transaction secure?

We ensure a secure online transaction environment through the payment system with a 128-bit SSL security encryption. We do not keep your credit card information after the transaction, so you can stand assured that your credit card and bank information is secure. Imperialfurniture is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience to all customers. For the safety of it’s customers, has fully implemented a payment security screening procedure. customer detail confirmation may be required on certain orders prior to the full processing of the order. Please provide updated and accurate information should we require to verify the security of your order. If you find any difficulty in the payment method you choose, contact the customer support in the contact details.