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Advantages of Gas Lift Storage Bed imperial-furniture

Advantages of Gas Lift Storage Bed

With the increase in the number of population and living spaces getting smaller, it has resulted in limited storage space. People are inventing smart ways to increase storage space and avoid clutter. The best discovery of all is the Gas Lift Storage Bed. These are the type of beds that have incorporated storage space beneath the mattress which has a gas lift mechanism to lift the mattress and easily access the storage space. Gas lift storage beds also called Hydraulic beds have guarded space that is practical as well as attractive.

Storage of linens, cushions, clothes, sports equipment, shoes, toys and other assets become convenient. There are invariable numbers of benefits of gas lift storage bed but the most thought of benefit is the under-utilised space to store various goods. Let us discuss the advantages to buy a gas lift storage bed in Melbourne.

  1. Space Utilisation: People always talk about the less storage space in the bedroom area but they somehow neglect the space beneath the bed. With the advent of hydraulic beds aka gas lifts storage beds, you can efficiently utilize the area to store blankets, extra pillows, trolleys that you might not be used on a regular basic
  2. Remove Clutter: Mostly non-useful items like pens, balls, bottle caps would slide under the bed and stay there for months together. Having the benefit of installing gas lift storage beds, the case of dumping everything unwanted under the bed is eliminated and the bedroom would remain dust free always.
  3. Hidden Storage : You can consider this space to be the best secret storage to hide useful items and Christmas or birthday presents for your kids. You can also hide your old shirts and sweaters which do not fit you but you also don’t want to give away as there are sentimental values attached to them. Consider this space to be the best space to hide your items.
  4. Better than Bed with Storage Drawers: Firstly, some beds with storage drawers don’t come with legs which result in wastage of storage space because drawers cannot be placed in the middle of the bed. Secondly, they have face sliding issues. You can always go and ask people who have used beds with storage drawers. Gas lift storage beds provide a maximum amount of storage space with a lifting mechanism that also lasts for quite a long time.

Gas lift beds come in various sizes and shapes. At Imperial Furniture, we bring to you not only gas lift storage beds but also every other extra durable and super stylish bedroom furniture used in Melbourne houses. Choose from a wide range of upholstered gas lift beds, timber gas lift beds, and even leather gas lift beds available in store and online. We also provide bed frames in Melbourne for these types of beds. Also, get bed frames online in Melbourne through our online Imperial Furniture portal.

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