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Buy the Best Bedroom Furniture from Imperial Furniture in Melbourne imperial-furniture

Buy the Best Bedroom Furniture from Imperial Furniture in Melbourne

Shop for the best bedroom furniture from Imperial Furniture in Melbourne. Furniture makes the mood of the room and also the mood of the people using it. We have the best designs, best quality and best prices of the furniture items. Bedroom Furniture is very important as abedroom is a place where anyone would like to relax after a long day. So, it’s  look and feel and comfort, all go hand in hand and are very important. We have the best gas lift storage beds and best bed frames available, so if you are seeking to buy storage beds in Melbourne or queen bed frames or double bed frames in Melbourne, you are at the right place.  Visit us online to place your bedroom furniture online –

We also have the best pillow top mattress and best pocket spring mattress in Melbourne.  Our bedroom furniture can completely transform your space and you would love to spend your time in it.

Lima Gas Lift Leather Storage Bed Black

This is a very stylish bed with ample storage space for your small items that are easily accessible. upholstered in a very high-quality PU leather with a super soft foam inside. It has a very beautiful button tufted headboard. It is built on metal frames which makes it more durable and long-lasting.


  • It offers extra storage space.
  • A headboard that is button tufted.
  • Black PU leather.
  • Strong construction and strong frame.

Overall Size:

  • Double Bed – L 205 X W 147 X H 124 cm
  • Queen Bed – L 221 X W 163 X H 124 cm
  • King Bed – L 221 X W 193 X H 124 cm

Basic Collection I Pocket Spring Mattress

If you want to shop or buy the best mattress in Melbourne then this mattress is the best for you. It has a beautiful knitted fabric stuffed with very good quality foam. This mattress gives the extra pleasant sleep and all the relaxation you need.   This is the best pocket spring mattress you will ever buy. So, buy a pocket spring mattress from us. 


  • Beautiful Knitting fabric.
  • 5 cm 25 cm density foam.
  • Pocket spring – 4 sides harder.
  • 22 cm thick mattress.
  • Firmness – Soft to medium.
  • Available sizes – Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King.

Latex Pillow Top Mattress

It is a beautiful combination of softness and firmness. This is the best latex pillow top mattress you could buy. So shop the best latex pillow top mattress from us and enjoy a peaceful sleep. It has knitted fabric and an extra soft pillow top.


  • Knitted fabric.
  • 1-2 cm latex.
  • 1 cm high-density foam.
  • Pocket spring – 4 sides harder.
  • Firmness – Medium.
  • Available sizes: Double, Queen and King.

Therefore, we invite you to visit us online and buy the best bedroom furniture in Melbourne. We have a wide range of furniture items that will lift up your space and give it a breath of fresh air. 

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