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How to take care of your fabric sofa! imperial-furniture

How to take care of your fabric sofa!

The most common problem with the fabric sofa is discolouration and the stains that become distinct after some time, so looking after your furniture becomes important to maintain the life and appearance of your piece. Maintaining a fabric sofa in Melbourne is altogether a different problem to face due to hectic schedules of individuals. However, there are certain tips and techniques you should know and follow to clean your designer fabric sofas in Melbourne in order to prevent damage.

Below is the list of tips on how to take care and luxuriously shop for fabric sofas in Melbourne.

Get rid of the stains immediately

Accidents are ought to happen once in a while which can leave long-lasting stains if it is not taken care immediately. If action is delayed then the fabric might soak and spill if you are dealing with coffee or wine. It is better to dab the stain with a paper towel and clean it immediately with distilled water. You can also make use of fabric sofa cleaner if you spill food on your sofa fabric.

Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight

It is always preferable to install curtains or window blinds if your sofa is placed near the window. There are mere chances of the sofa fabric fading away quickly due to direct sunlight as the sunlight has the potential to fade any type of fabric or material.

Vacuum clean your sofa fabric regularly

Dust is a small particle that can reside anywhere and it does accumulate over time on your sofa, naturally. It is possible to easily get rid of the debris and dust particles on your sofa fabric by setting your vacuum on a low suction setting.

Be guarded while using chemicals

Most importantly of all is to use the right chemicals on your sofa fabric while cleaning it. Use a pH balanced cleaner instead of using harsh chemicals with bleach to remove your stains. The harsh chemicals can easily destroy your upholstery and may result in premature wear and tear.

Introduce professional cleaning annually

Introducing a professional cleaning team to clean your sofa stains annually is the right investment to make. As they have their hands-on to the process that needs to be followed to clean your sofa fabric, it saves a lot of your time and money. If you want your sofa fabric to last longer, you will have to take care of it.

These are a few basic steps that every person owning a fabric sofa should be aware of. Fabric sofa will always remain in trend and if you wish to purchase affordable fabric sofa in Melbourne or any other living room furniture in Melbourne then Imperial Furniture is the right place for you. You can consider Imperial Furniture store to be the cheapest furniture store in Melbourne that provides you with style and quality.

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