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King Size Vs. Queen Size Bed: Which One Is Right for You? imperial-furniture

King Size Vs. Queen Size Bed: Which One Is Right for You?

“Live Life King Size” – an old popular adage but not apt when you need to choose the right bed for your bedroom. The big decision of whether you need a King Size or a Queen Size bed for your bedroom depends upon various factors like the size of your room, the number of people using it, the space needed for other items of storage, décor elements, etc.

The Differences between King and Queen Size Beds in Dimensions

The Differences between King and Queen Size Beds in Dimensions

  • Width: The Standard king-size bed is wider than queen size, but the length remains the same. The width is 183 cm compared to the queen size bed, which is 153 cm.
  • Length: Both King and Queen Size beds are 203 cm long
  • Cost: The bigger the bed, the better. That’s why king-size beds are more expensive compared to queen-size mattresses. Though cheaper, queen beds are still more expensive than a twin or full bed.
  • Usage: King-size beds are usually placed in master bedrooms as they are larger and can house more decor and storage items too. Smaller bedrooms and guest rooms generally have queen size beds as they are more compact and fit rightly.
  • Frame: The frame for a King Bed is required to have centre leg support besides the normal rectangular structure because of their large size. However, queen beds, being less wide, need only a regular frame.
  • Advantage: A king size bed offers more personal space, especially for those that move around more, or if they want to accommodate their child too. It is better suited for two people or somebody tall.

Queen Mattresses though are standard in size have some irregular variants in some places and are known by different names like Olympic Queen, California queen, Split Queen, etc.

There are non-standard King Size mattresses too which are called California King or Split King Mattresses.


Cost of king-size beds & queen-size beds

Not surprisingly, king-size beds are more expensive than queen-size beds. However, apart from this obvious cost difference, there is no actual average price for either size. Prices typically vary by manufacturer, dealer, mattress material (spring core, memory foam, latex, etc.), and upholstery used. You need to consider the added-up costs in setting up the bed to determine which one would be more expensive, like bed frames, box spring beds, linen costs, etc.

Pros and Cons

Queen-sized mattresses are significantly narrower than king-sized mattresses. A king-sized mattress allows two people of average size to sleep next to each other in approximately the same space as a combination of two twin mattresses. This allows you to comfortably stretch. Queen-sized mattresses, though still ideal for two people and spacious, might not be that relaxing when the other person moves around a lot. A king-size bed may be more comfortable for some people and provide more space for couples, but it is very difficult to move around and requires a large bedroom. This quickly becomes impractical for apartments and small homes, both of which have fairly small spaces.

A good way to determine if a king bed fits in your bedroom is to make sure you have at least 60 cm space around the bed after you fit in the king bed. This means that you have plenty of walk-in space. However, additional space is required if additional furniture needs to come in too.

Your utility for the mattress and the size of your room are the primary factors that determine your decision to buy. Whatever you decide to buy, Imperial Furniture will cater to your demand.

Imperial Furniture Offers All Size Beds at Competitive Rates

Whatever be the size of beds or arrangement of your bedroom that you dream to create, you can find everything that fits in at Melbourne’s leading furniture store - Imperial Furniture.

Standard king beds or eastern king beds and queen beds vary in width and length. The king-size bed has plenty of space and the queen-size bed is suitable for smaller bedrooms. The initial and long-term costs of owning a king bed are higher than a queen bed.

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