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Buying a sofa that matches your living room décor can really prove to be very challenging. You need to choose from a variety of styles, colour, brands, features and options. Even with proper research buying a fabric sofa in Melbourne is overwhelming. The amount of information you need to digest before buying a designer fabric sofa in Melbourne can give you enough stress to destroy your entire night’s sleep.

Most of the people are unaware as to what upholstery fabric or furniture should be purchased. We understand your confusion and so we are here with an ultimate guide to buying a fabric sofa. But the one tip that should always be kept in mind is the more tightly woven fabric, the better it will wear.

Natural Fabrics Used for Sofa

Leather: The trend for leather fabric sofas has been increasing in Melbourne. The material itself is tough so it can be damp wiped when needed, gently vacuumed or can be cleaned with saddle soap or sofa conditioner.

Linen: Linen fabric is better suited when you want to create a formal ambience. Linen is the type of material that is wrinkled easily and cannot resist pilling and fading. It is advisable to get the solid linen upholstery to get cleaned professionally to avoid shrinkage.

Cotton: The natural cotton fibre has good resistance to wear and tear, fading and pilling. Durability definitely depends on the use, weave and finish but gives a more informal and casual outlook to your living space. Cotton is durable and can be considered to be family friendly fabric.

Wool: Wool and wool-blends are sturdy and durable and have good resistance to wrinkling and fading. Most probably wool is blended with a synthetic fibre, so the blend can easily be spot cleaned when necessary.

Silk: This fabric is advisable to be used in an extremely formal setup. It needs to be professionally cleaned if damaged.

Synthetic Fabrics Used for Upholstery

Polyester: Polyester alone is very rarely used as a sofa fabric. When polyester is blended with wool or any other fabric, it adds to wrinkle resistance and avoids fading.

Nylon: When nylon is blended with other fabrics, it makes one of the strongest upholstery fabrics. It cannot be easily soiled or wrinkled and even doesn’t pill or fade.

Rayon: This material is an imitation to cotton, silk and linen. But is definitely more durable, however, it wrinkles. High-quality rayon is a very practical choice to make.

Acrylic: It resists wrinkling, fading and soiling as this synthetic fibre is an imitation of wool. You can always substitute wool with acrylic.

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