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Bed Frames Brisbane

The appeal of this charming upholstered bed is endless, which makes it a fit to blend with a wide range of interior décor themes on any bedroom. The soft curving...
  You will be more than pleased with our new and amazing Lima bed .The headboard of the Lima Bed is done in a stylish button-tufted design completely upholstered in...
QUEEN SIZE ON PRE ORDER WITH ETA IN JUNE The appeal of this charming upholstered bed is endless, which makes it a fit to blend with a wide range of...
If you love an antiqued, black or velvet rustic look, this Luxor Bed is exactly what you need! The headboard of this beautiful and unique upholstery is padded with pure...
This amazing bed is built to last with its strong and sturdy construction, with its bentwood slat system the Lisa Bed - PU Leather will last many years being the...
Don’t let your restful retreat get you falling asleep for the wrong reasons. Add a modern vibe to your bedroom with this stylish, inviting and contemporary modern upholstered platform bed...
You will be more than pleased with our new and amazing Lima bed .The headboard of the Lima Bed is done in a stylish button-tufted design completely upholstered in high...
Create a sleek modern vibe fused with the bling and glam style to fulfil the fantasy of your bedroom. This platform bed comes with a fancy yet low-profile design. Featuring...
Don’t let your restful retreat get you falling asleep for the wrong reasons. Add a modern vibe to your bedroom with this stylish, inviting and contemporary modern upholstered platform bed...
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The tufted and studded bed frame comes in velvet fabric. This elegant design would fit either a traditional or chic bedroom best. This chic bed is upholstered with a wingback...
Sleep in style  The Ravena bed features a stylish  headboard finished in a gorgeous grey color. It has a durable and sturdy wooden frame. You will no doubt be enjoying...

Buy Online Quality Bed Frames at an Affordable Price in Brisbane, QLD – Imperial Furniture

A bed base is the bottom part that acts as a foundation for a mattress. It supports your sleep system and makes it more comfortable. While a base keeps the mattress off the floor, it also enhances its durability. Over that, it also prevents the accumulation of moisture, dust and mould.

Finding the right bed base and mattress is crucial to enhance your sleep experience. At Imperial Furniture, we offer a variety of different bed frames in Brisbane. From basic to decorative, our online and offline store has got it all covered.

We keep in mind the functionality aspects as well as the modern trends while crafting our bedsteads. That’s why all our products are made to be stylish, strong, and economical. Also, our price range of bedroom furniture can suit all budgets. Besides, we deliver them in smart box packaging to prevent any damage during shipping.

What Types of Bed Frames Do We Offer?

When it comes to deciding the right bed frame in Brisbane, consider factors like durability, support, needs, and budget. Luckily, we have several options that you can choose from such as:

Classic Divan Bed Frames: They are one of the famous inexpensive bed frames that consist of sturdy wooden and/or metal supports. The frame is covered with beautiful upholstery or fabrics. Also, it usually has the same dimensions as the mattress, creating a minimalistic aesthetic. Some of the charming upholstered options we offer are:

Slatted Bases: The flexible, sprung slats are made from laminated wood and are mounted onto a bed frame using plastic holders. Their bowed shape offers a modest level of springiness, required for a comfortable sleeping experience. This slatted mechanism is available in our King, Double, as well as Queen bed frames in Brisbane. As one of the most advanced base models, it adjusts tension according to the user’s needs. Here are some tips to consider before buying slat bedsteads:
  • Compatibility with the chosen mattress
  • Slat spacing between two rows
  • Width of slats

Bed Frames with Storage: One of the great features a bedstead can have is built-in storage. At our store, you’ll find many options that give the flexibility to store things under the bed. Our Lima bed frame for a king-size bed is one of the most practical choices you can purchase from us. It’s perfect for individuals who have small rooms. You can lift its slatted frame to keep the extra sheets, quilts, pillows, or any other item you prefer.

King, Queen, or Double - Find Your Perfect Bed Frame Size in Brisbane, QLD

These days, homeowners want to keep their bedrooms up to date with the latest designs. If you’re looking for furniture that matches popular trends and can stand the test of time, you’ve come to the right place. Our impressive range of base styles is always on point. Our luxurious bed frames come in different sizes such as:

  • Single: They are a great choice for children of all ages and adults who don’t need a large Single frames can fit into any bedroom and are great space savers.
  • Double: It is another versatile option for guest rooms. Not only this, our double bed frame in Brisbane is also quite popular for teenage bedrooms. If you can’t determine which size is the most suitable one, you can visit our store and our team will be happy to assist you.
  • Queen: Are you thinking of buying an inexpensive queen bed frame? Then, look no further than Imperial Furniture. Our store has an amazing collection of Queen-size bed bases. Due to their perfect proportions, they are suitable for couples. It’s easy to fit any of our queen-sized models comfortably in most bedrooms.
  • King: If you’re looking to amp up your personal space, then opt for a high or low king-size bed frame. These bases are apt for people wanting to add a little more space. They are wider than the Queen-sized ones, allowing enough space for a relaxing sleep. Besides, they are perfect to accommodate kids.

Why Choose Imperial Furniture for Online Luxurious Bed Frames in Brisbane, QLD?

Selecting the right bedstead can get tricky at times. You have to consider a lot of factors like mattress size, room space, lifestyle, etc. In such situations, professional consultation can be a big help. Reasons why many homeowners prefer Imperial Furniture to buy their furnishings include:

  • Convenience: All our furniture is displayed with clear specifications on our website, making your decision process a lot easier.
  • Affordable: We have an extensive range of inexpensive bed frames that will fit right into your budget.
  • Trained Staff: If you visit our store, our experts can help you choose the right bed frame according to your specifications.
  • Easy Assembly: You can install our furniture effortlessly as they come equipped with instructions on assembling
  • Packaging: We are aware that items may suffer damage during shipping. Therefore, we prefer a flatpack packaging style. Plus, we only use solid and heavy-duty boxes to pack the bed frames for extra protection.
  • Guarantee: Although our products are made to last long, we also provide a 12-month warranty for most of our furniture.

Create a cosy haven with our well-crafted bed frames in Brisbane. To get a quote, call us on 03 8390 2373 or email us at


Q: Do you offer different payment options for bed frames?

A: Yes, we offer Zip, Afterpay and other payment options.

Q: Do you provide bed frames for queen-size beds with unique designs?

A: Yes, our queen-size bed frame collection is extensive. They come in unique styles, shapes, and designs. You can visit our online store to check all the options.

Q: Do you offer any warranty on your bed frames?

A: Yes. Imperial Furniture offers a 12-month warranty for its products. According to the warranty policy, customers have to raise their issues regarding a defective or broken product within 7 days of receiving it. 

Q: Do you offer customisation options for bed frames in Brisbane?

A: Yes, we can customise the style, fabric, colour, and size of bed frames as per our client’s requirements. If you want to talk to our experienced designer, feel free to call us on 03 8390 2373.

Q: Can I track the delivery of my bed frame in Brisbane?

A: Yes, you’ll receive the tracking number on your contact details once we dispatch your order.

Q: Can I return or exchange a bed frame if it doesn't fit my needs?

A: According to our refund policy, you can report any defects or damage to our customer support team within 7-days of receiving the item. However, if you wish to return it, then it will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Moreover, the customer has to pay the shipping fees for the same or can drop it at our warehouse.

Q: Are assembly instructions included with the bed frame?

A: Yes, all our products come equipped with the necessary directions to install them. Contact our support team in case of any issues.

Q: How long does it take for a bed frame to be delivered?

A: A bed frame order usually takes 3-7 business days to deliver in Brisbane. Our team dispatches the product within 24-48 business hours after the order is placed. We ship our customers’ orders using reliable means so that customers receive it at the earliest.