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How to Find a Mattress That Is Perfect for Your Back? imperial-furniture

How to Find a Mattress That Is Perfect for Your Back?

Do you wake up sore, unrested, and not upbeat on going about your day? It could perhaps be due to lack of sleep. Are you aware that a bad mattress can be the cause of a lot of issues with your health? Bad posture, joint pains, stiff neck, back pains can all be traced back to bad sleeping posture and lack of support from the mattress being used.

What Is the Best Mattress for Your Back?

What Is the Best Mattress for Your Back?

The general rule for mattresses to prevent or cure back pain is that you should opt for a firmer feel. Firmer mattresses for back pain will provide more support to your spine, allowing your muscles to relax and do less work to support your posture. It’s important to find a mattress that is comfortable and suits your body and sleeping position. However, a firm mattress that works for one person might not work for you; instead, it may leave your joints feeling stiff in the morning.

Spring mattresses and foam mattresses are the most sought-after type to provide for firmer back support and relieve you from aches and pains.

We can break down the difference between spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses to give you a fair idea of what you may want to buy.

What are spring mattresses?

Spring mattresses are the most widely used and popular mattresses around the world.

Invented during the Industrial Revolution, they represent a major shift in bed technology and have continued to evolve ever since. Today, you can find a spring mattress that fits almost any comfort preference, health requirement, or budget. They may look similar, but there are five types of innerspring mattresses.

What are spring mattresses?

Open Coil (Bonnell)

Open coils are the classic and oldest form of an innerspring mattress and consist of individual coils (in the shape of an hourglass) attached to the wireframe to form the mat. Open coil mattresses are usually very light and provide good air circulation.

Continuous Coil

The continuous coil mattress is extremely durable due to its interconnected design. Each coil is made up of continuous wires that are connected to the top and bottom of the frame to help the mattress retain its shape.

Pocket Coil

As the name implies, a pocket spring mattress is made up of individual pockets, each with its spring welded to it. This construction provides excellent comfort and is ideal for couples complaining about their partners moving while asleep, as the springs work independently, and no impact is felt on the other side of the bed.

Zoned Spring Mattress

Advances in mattress technology have led to the development of "zone" mattresses. These mattresses are divided into "zones" that correspond to normal weight distribution and have different levels of support for the body where it is most needed.

What are memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam is a viscoelastic material with excellent pressure-relieving capabilities because the material moulds according to your body shape.

What are memory foam mattresses?

Unlike bouncy spring mattresses, a memory foam mattress is firmer as it moulds to your body shape. As it absorbs all movement, it assures a restful night’s sleep even with a partner who tosses and turns in bed.

The lack of plenty of air spaces and hypoallergenic foam prevents the occurrence of dust mites and is the best option for those prone to any allergies.

Choosing the Right Mattress for You

Keep in mind that back pain can be caused by a variety of factors other than mattresses (although a comfortable mattress will never hurt!). If you have back pain and you are not sure if the mattress is the cause, it is worth consulting your doctor to rule out other underlying health conditions.

Whether you prefer the feel of memory foam or a springy mattress we’ve got you covered. Imperial Furniture in Melbourne understands that there are many factors to be considered when finding the perfect mattress to suit your needs and we are stocked accordingly. Check out our range of memory foam and spring mattresses online or in-store today!

A Go-to Place for All Your Mattress Needs – Imperial Furniture

Whatever kind of mattress you are looking for, Imperial Furniture is the place to buy them. We have the widest variety of different kinds of mattresses, made to suit various needs. Walk in to experience our mattress range and quality and make your pick today.

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