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Top Five Ideas to Maximise Your Bedroom Storage imperial-furniture

Top Five Ideas to Maximise Your Bedroom Storage

What sets apart a home that is beautifully adorned with simple elements from a home full of expensive and fancy décor and furniture items is the way the space is utilised and its visual appeal. A minimalist approach, a clutter-free and neat room speaks volumes about the taste of the homemaker.

Storage plays a huge role in giving any room a drastic makeover. Smart storage spaces and ideas have a whole new market for themselves. There are more takers for this concept now than ever before because the need for smart space utilisation is more than ever before. From bedroom storage to kitchen storage – it’s all about smart storage concepts.

If you own a bedroom with limited space, what you need is smart storage spaces to make your bedroom look spacious and decluttered. There are various concepts in storage that come in handy today, like floating shelving and double-duty furniture. We’ve picked up five such concepts in storage to give you some ideas:

Top Five Ideas to Maximise Your Bedroom Storage

    1. Floating Shelving
    2. Finding a stylish solution that efficiently stores and displays everything you need while saving space is not an easy task. However, there is one strategy that can help solve the problem. It's a floating shelf. They are simple and practical, allowing you to save floor space, and are a great option when you can't put a bedside table next to your bed. Not all items that are required in a bedroom will look aesthetically appealing, so it is better not to store them in open spaces. Try incorporating small storage cubes or a rattan basket. It helps maintain a clean look and stylishly dress up items you don't want to display.

Floating Shelving

Pick Double-Duty Furniture Pieces

    1. Pick Double-Duty Furniture Pieces
    2. Furniture which works in multiple ways is great for small-space storage and utility. If you pick a large piece of furniture, make sure that it has ample storage facility too so that you can do away with having to block the precious space with more items. Loft beds are great space-savers because they let you use the same floor space twice. Another idea is a bed unit with a study table and wardrobe to ensure maximum space utilisation.

    1. Make Use of Vertical Spaces
    2. Using vertical space is the perfect solution for tight spaces. Use the vertical space behind the closet door to store small items that clutter your room. There are a variety of sophisticated wire baskets that can be accommodated for storage behind the closet door to help you make the most of all your precious floor space. The ladder hangers are now quite trendy and can accommodate a lot of clothing and other things that can’t be put into the closet.

Make Use of Vertical Spaces

Storage Under the Bed

    1. Storage Under the Bed
    2. The most widely used storage idea in bedrooms is the under-bed space. It is one of the smartest and easiest ways to make use of the space within your bedroom. Storage beds can have drawers on the sides like pull-outs or you can go for a gas lift storage bed, which is a pull-up container under the mattress with a hydraulic lift. There are so many new designs that can provide large storage spaces for immediate use.

    1. Pull-Out or Drawer Organisers
    2. All pull-outs and shelves can be arranged neatly using organisers. These maximise space utilisation and ensure easy access to all your items. Dividers and organisers are a great way to organise wardrobes and ensure that you have enough space inside the wardrobe to accommodate all your stuff without cluttering the space.

      Space bags and vacuum bags can be used to stack away winter clothing, which otherwise tends to occupy large spaces and are not needed all the time.

Pull-Out or Drawer Organisers

Where to Find the Best Bedroom Furniture Store in Melbourne

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Walk right into our store or visit our website to get an idea of smart space utilisation and what you could add to your bedroom storage to make it look sleek and smart. We have some amazing smart storage concepts waiting for you at Imperial Furniture. Get in touch with Melbourne’s favourite furniture people to get your bedroom space redefined.

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