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How to Select the Perfect Dining Set For Your Space imperial-furniture

How to Select the Perfect Dining Set For Your Space

“There are times when wisdom cannot be found in the chambers of parliament or the halls of academia but at the unpretentious setting of the kitchen table.”

If you consider the kitchen to be the heart of your home, then consider the dining set to be a very vital part of your space. It is the place of the house where you sit together with your family and friends to share meals, celebrate special occasions, play jigsaw puzzle or do your homework. The dining set is the centrepiece and the selection of this furniture is the most crucial thing that you will make for your home.

This is the piece of furniture that cannot be bought on a whim because this furniture will age with you or even it can outlive you. Here are some very important aspects that need to be considered before buying a dining set in Melbourne, because getting cheap dining set in Melbourne is next to impossible.

What MATERIAL to choose?

The materials used by Imperial Furniture while making dining tables and chairs set in Melbourne speaks volume. They provide ample functionality and act as an anchor that sets to any interior décor. Considering the longest lasting period, hardwood is to be taken in the topmost priority. Oak, walnut, mahogany, blackbutt and gumwood should be selected for durability and looks. While choosing hardwood, timber and salvaged table make sure that the table is sealed even from the base to avoid moisture sneaking in to avoid cracking or blowing your tabletop. Glass tabletops are the best option while choosing a table for smaller kitchen spaces. Surfaces with marbles and stones are definitely long lasting but it is important to pay attention to the sealant used on the surfaces to avoid nasty visible stains.

Oh! Yes, SIZE matters.

Selecting the dining room’s furniture in Melbourne is not everybody’s cup of tea. The size of the dining room is equally proportionate to the size of the dining set, smaller the room, smaller the dining set. In today’s time, most dining tables are of around 76 cm but the mid-century and antique styles may vary according to the wants and needs. Aim to choose dining chairs of 20-30 cm between the table and seat. It is advised to have enough breathing space for people to lounge comfortably in your dining arena.

Round, Oval, Square? Which SHAPE?

Since the advent of the dining set, rectangular dining tables have always dominated the market due to its functionality and look. Most spaces will suit a rectangular dining table due to its classic functionality. Oval and Round tables are mostly selected for a smaller kitchen area with no head of the table seat. The square tables are most often used with larger dining areas to fit in a maximum number of people, whereas the small square tables won’t be able to push all the chairs and will leave no extra room for comfortable roaming around your kitchen area.

Selecting furniture in Melbourne according to your home décor has always been stressful. Imperial Furniture is one of the most talked furniture stores in Melbourne that serves people according to their wants and requirements.

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