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Mattress Sale in Melbourne at Imperial Furniture imperial-furniture

Mattress Sale in Melbourne at Imperial Furniture

Sale of best mattresses is here at Imperial Furniture

Grab your favorite mattress at Mattress Sale in Melbourne. We have a wide range of mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, pillow top mattresses, euro get mattresses etc. that can cater to your all needs of a perfect mattress.  If you want to buy a cheap mattress in Melbourne, then you are at the right place. Experience the best sleep of your life on our excellent quality mattresses. All our mattresses are surely to give you the comfort and peace you always needed. Therefore, visit our furniture store in Melbourne and buy the best mattress of your choice.

Read about some of our mattresses below:

Basic Collection I Pocket Spring Mattress

This Basic Collection I mattress will surely amaze you. Attractive knitting fabric and the finest quality foam will give you marvelous and extra satisfying sleeping experience. The foam in the Basic Collection I mattress flawlessly adjusts without giving in too much, making you sleep like a baby. You’ll wake up refreshed and happy.  The Pocket springs help in the reduced motion disturbance while sleeping.


  • Knitting fabric.
  • 5 cm 25 density foam.
  • Pocket spring (4 sides harder).
  • Thickness of the mattress: 22 cm.
  • Firmness : Soft to Medium.
  • Available sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King.
  • Packaging style: Rolled up in a box.

Latex Pillow Top Mattress

You’ll love this mattress if you are looking for comfort and relaxation. It is a great combination of softness and toughness. It has a beautiful knitted fabric and with an extra soft pillow top.

This mattress has high density foam and latex which provides super comfort and support. Adding to this,  the pillow top adds a delicate softness and acts as a buffer.


  • Knitted fabric.
  • 1-2 cm latex.
  • 1 cm High Density foam.
  •  Pocket spring (4 sides harder).
  • Thickness : 28 cm.
  • Firmness : Medium.
  • Available sizes: Double, Queen and King.
  • Packing style: Rolled up in a box.

Euro Comfort Gel Mattress

You will have a floating experience while you sleep on this mattress. This mattress is made up of high quality eco-friendly materials. It is made with lightweight and sturdy DuPont fibers and Jacquard fabrics that are so beautiful. This will give you a feel of a deluxe and pleasant sleep.

It has a 2 cm gel memory foam which helps in proper and good airflow than other conventional foam. This mattress adjusts itself to the shape of your body while you are sleeping. , adjusting itself if you move while you’re sleeping. This will provide an exceptional sleep experience for you and your partner. 


  • Jacquard Knitting fabric.
  • 1 cm Dupont fiber.
  • 5 cm Convolute foam.
  • 2 cm gel memory foam.
  • 7 zone pocket spring.
  • 8 cm foam encasement.
  • Thickness : 33 cm.
  • Firmness : Medium to Firm.
  • Available sizes: Double,Queen and King.

Therefore, if you are looking for any type of designer or cheap furniture in Melbourne, visit Imperial Furniture.

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